Hostel System

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Property Management System

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Features HostelSystem FrontDeskMaster
  • Acclaimed & widely praised interface that makes accomplishing tasks fast & easy
  • Multiple windows side by side in a single browser tab
  • Manage multiple properties simultaneously
HostelSystem works entirely offline if necessary. So, if you are facing often Internet problems this is a solution for you.
Thanks to advanced technology, once you already log in to the system, FrontDesk Master will not stop working when your Internet goes down, but note that the functionality will be limited to critical data about today's bookings in read-only mode.
  • Our beloved & essential tool for the reception staff
  • Reservations are arranged and color coded in an easy-to-read calendar grid
  • Easily filterable by booking status or booking channel
  • Powerful drag and drop reservation editing capabilities
  • Easily view critical information about your properties on any device
  • Quickly see key facts about your properties and guests
  • Occupancy Statistics, Revenue Forecasts benchmarks, and more.
    • Sell a single room as multiple room types to maximize revenue
    • Use a room as a dorm and private interchangeably
    • Pre-define your seasons to change prices quickly with a single click
    • Use Strategies to dynamically adjust your prices based on a powerful set of predefined rules.
    • Multiple accounts for registering financial transactions
    • Cash box, credit card, bank payments
    • Cash-flow tracking
    • Profit & loss control
    • Price Strategies for adjusting prices automatically based on occupancy rules
    • Dynamic room-type assignment to allow you to automatically respond to market demand.
FrontDesk Master was designed to support taxes incurring in different parts of the world. But, we are not experts in all taxation systems. Therefore, missing tax rules will be added upon customer request and explanation.
    • Support for teams of reception staff using the system simultaneously.
    • Changes are immediately visible across the entire team.
    • Send an unlimited number of automatic guest emails pre-arrival or post-departure
    • Confirmations, reminders, directions or satisfaction surveys
    • HTML or plain text templates
    • Managerial dashboard & critical data always at your fingertips
    • Property statistics and key metrics
    • Compare recent performance to previous periods
    • Combine reports for property chains
    • Track & compare the rates of your local competitors
    • Get notified when your prices are too low or too high
HostelSystem allows sending email confirmations (plain text, no pictures, no attachments) when the new booking is entered or cancelled.
FrontDesk Manager allows you to create various email confirmations (full HTML) with pictures, attachments and pre-define to whom and when they should be sent.
    • Guests can access their bookings online to make modifications
    • Guests may message you or purchase additional services
    • They may request an online check-in
Only internal blacklist, not integrated with other properties.
FrontDesk Master allows you (optionally) to become a part of a global blacklist. It means that you can receive be automatically notified if a person who was blacklisted in other property, even other city tries to book your place.
    • Share your list of troublemakers globally to keep your guests and business safe
    • Receive warnings when blacklisted guests make bookings
FrontDesk Master is integrated with a passport scanner. However, note that it requires a purchase of scanning device. Contact us for more details.
    • Reports combining key statistics for your city
    • Average booking length, lead & value
    • Key indicators of nationalities and channels
    • Unlimited number of staff accounts
    • Multiple access levels – Admin, Manager, Staff, Housekeeper
    • Time Clock for helping to manage payrolls.
  • No installation. No download. 100% online.
  • No compromise in functionality
  • Manage all processes & properties via a single sign-in
  • From sending the booking confirmation email…
  • …through taking check-in payments, deposits, and passport scanning…
  • …all the way up to check-out, invoicing and sending a ‘Thank You’ email.
    • Unlimited number of staff accounts
    • Multiple access levels – Admin, Manager, Staff, Housekeeper
    • Time Clock for helping to manage payrolls.
    • Sell tours, services or beverages in a mini-bar
    • Inventory tracking
    • Organize your expenses for profit & loss analysis
    • Register and track payments made
    • Scan and safeguard bills
FrontDesk Master offers vast flexibility in setting up who, when how and about what should be notified.
    • Customized invoice templates
    • Multiple tax types – sales, local and environmental
    • Integration with fiscal printers or authorities API
    • Track the quantity of the items in the inventory
    • Receive notifications on low inventory
    • Track inventory purchases
    • Track free giveaways to staff or friends
    • Collect and refund deposits for keys, towels, bikes, etc.
    • Deposit balance
    • Monitor the cleanliness and readiness of rooms, beds and bathrooms
    • Update status from any device
    • Print housekeeping checklist
    • From different locations, on multiple devices
    • Real-time updates between users
    • For bookings, prices and payments
    • Automatically updated exchange rates
    • One login to access all properties
    • Compare views from different properties side by side
    • Combined multi-property reports

Access to essential booking register even without internet access.

    • Import guest details easily with just a swipe.
    • Streamline the check-in process.
    • Avoid lines at the reception.
    • Notifications about critical events
    • Customizable based on type of user
    • QuickFile, Quickbooks, etc.
    • Keyless door systems
    • Local payment gateways
    • Ask us to discuss details!
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • French
    • Russian
    • Ukrainian
    • Polish

Channel Manager

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Features HostelSystem FrontDeskMaster
    • Hostelworld & Hostelbookers
    • Expedia
    • Agoda
    • TripAdvisor
    • HostelsClub
    • MyAllocator (AirBnB, BudgetPlaces & Other Channels)
    • Bookings downloaded with all details automatically enter into the calendar.
    • You receive a notification. The guest gets an email confirmation.
    • All booking amendments are instantly updated live on your screen
HostelSystem works natively only on Windows. Using on other platforms requires e.g. Virtual Box, Pallarels.
FrontDeskManager is completely cloud-based system. It can be launched and viewed from a supported browser.
    • All price changes are automatically and instantly synchronized with booking channels.
    • No manual entry required!
    • Support for multiple rates, currencies and different room setups per channel
    • Dynamic price adjustments (per channel) to offset commissions or to create promotions.
    • Respond dynamically to market demands
    • Don’t lock-in your availability, be flexible!
    • Advanced and detailed report of channel behaviors with other booking sources and previous time-period comparisons
    • Booking characteristic breakdown per-channel
HostelSystem can work 24/7 for you, but you must keep the system up and running on your computer.
FrontDesk Master does all the processing in the cloud, thus regardless if you are online or not the system does the job for you.
  • FrontDesk Master channel manager works even when you are offline.
    • Open & Close Availability
    • Open & Close Specific Rates
    • Minimum & Maximum Stay
    • Cut off time

Booking Engine

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Features HostelSystem FrontDeskMaster
    • Easily editable to make it look just like part of your website
    • Customizable and multilingual room descriptions
    • Per-room photo galleries
    • No additional setup
    • Available out of the box
    • Chat real-time with the reception staff
    • Build trust and increase your conversion rate
    • Allow guests to modify their booking, purchase additional services or send a message
    • Avoid cancellations by prompting guests to check-in before they arrive
    • Reduce reception crowding by expediting your check-in processes
    • The engine works on any device
    • Built specifically to work on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers
coming soon
    • Bookings for different numbers of guests and for different rooms on different days
    • Powerful booking grid that helps to optimize allocation and maximize occupancy
  • Fully editable HTML or plain text email confirmations in multiple languages
    • Show guests “standard” and “non-refundable” rates
    • Create “Last Minute” promotions or “Early Booker” discounts
    • We can have the system fully functional and running on your website in less than a day
    • No setup fee!
    • We don’t just check the number of digits.
    • We take fraud seriously.
    • No fake credit cards allowed!
    • Credit Card details allow you to charge no-shows, cancellations or non-refundable bookings.
    • PCI Compliant infrastructure
    • SSL connections
  • Place a nicely designed calendar on the top of your website to make sure your visitors never miss the “BOOK NOW” button
  • Control allowed type of bookings per season
    • English
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • German
    • Chinese
    • Hungarian
    • Ukrainian
    • Polish
    • … & we can add any other language if you need
  • The engine will dynamically convert any price into your selected currency based on the current day’s exchange rates.
    • You can start testing right away
    • See the entire booking process work, including the email notifications